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10153632_185235728532523_8897684602506303012_nThe GMI program specifically targets students who have an undergraduate degree in engineering (mechanical, electrical, chemical, or bioengineering/medical) or a related field, and who are interested in pursuing a career in the private, public, or non-profit sectors of medical technology.

The 2017-18 GMI cohort’s summer experience began on May 31, 2017. They traveled to Costa Rica, where they will spend ten weeks collaborating with local universities and clinicians to develop design projects, then take part in a global industry internship working as interns at Boston Scientific. We invite you to read their blog here: gmi.rice.edu/student-blogs.

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Here is a Q&A with Professor Eric Richardson, Ph.D., Director of Global Medical Innovation (GMI) track in the Master of Bioengineering (M.B.E.) program.

  • Why does the GMI program choose Costa Rica as its internship destination for its students?

    “In fall of 2013, Rice University considered several countries for partnerships in the medical technology (medtech) sector. Safety, proximity, strong academic institutions, and the strength of the local medtech industry were all considered. Costa Rica quickly became one of the top candidates, as the country has recently emerged as a leader in the global medical technology industry. Over 60 medical device companies, including Boston Scientific, St. Jude Medical, Covidien/Medtronic and Baxter, have operations in Costa Rica.

    In addition, local ties to Costa Rica influenced our decision. In 2014, Dr. Adria Baker, Associate Vice Provost for International Education, began Rice’s Costa Rica Interest Group. The group consists of faculty members and students who are from, or have an interest in Costa Rica. Through this group, Dr. Richardson was connected with Houston’s Consul General of Costa Rica, and was invited to Costa Rica in the summer of 2014.”

  • What does the global industry internship in Costa Rica look like?

    ”   The program consists of a two-week short course, followed by an internship. The short course is taught in Costa Rica to both Costa Rican students and Rice students. During the course, students are introduced to concepts of medical device development and innovation. After the two weeks, students participate in a 6-week internship at one of the local medtech companies. Both Rice students and Costa Rican students  receive the benefits of the course, of the internships, and importantly, of working with each other. “

  • What researchers, students and scholars from Costa Rica can benefit from studying and researching at Rice?      

      “I believe that Costa Rican researchers, students and scholars can benefit from both the depth of resources Rice has to offer and the tight-knit, friendly community that is so unique to Rice. Rice’s small size makes it a very welcoming place for international students and scholars.”

    For more information about the program please visit http://gmi.rice.edu/ or their Facebook page.